Dornenkissen "Camouflage", Rosendornen auf Papier

Are things always what they pretend to be?

In my artistic work I deal with the practical value of the objects that we take for granted in our everyday lives. This is where I intervene and bring shape and material together in way that is different from how they normally belong together.

Birkenkleid "Betula I", Birkenrinde verleimt
Birkenkleid "Betula I", Birkenrinde verleimt

My forms closely follow the real example. Thus they irritate the viewer: The object, easily identifiable at first sight, does not live up to its promise of usability and expediency due to the contradictory materiality.

I'm fascinated by the simple materials which can be found in nature in large quantities, but most often are passed by carelessly. For a while, I deprive them of the natural cycle of "becoming and decaying" and give them a new meaning through a new formal context. So the stories, that are usually told by the objects associated to these materials, take a completely different turn through my intervention.

My objects are made from various parts of plants, mostly from the local nature. Not only the making itself plays an important role for me. Discovering the plants in nature, observing them over the year, harvesting, collecting and preparing are all part of the creative process. I experiment with various techniques in order to ultimately achieve an effect that preserves the very specific charisma of the plant structure.

"Vespa crabo", Fragmente eines Hornissennest
"Vespa crabo", Fragmente eines Hornissennest
"Arctium lappa", Große Klette
"Arctium lappa", Große Klette
Nadelmantel "Pinus sylvestris", Kiefernnadeln auf Tüll
Nadelmantel "Pinus sylvestris", Kiefernnadeln auf Tüll
"Dipsacus", Distelkleid
"Dipsacus", Distelkleid
"Betula", Birkenschuhe
"Betula", Birkenschuhe

Exhibitions/ Participations


"Room Sequences II" Gallery in the Ganserhaus, Wasserburg / Inn
Large art exhibition, Wasserburg am Inn
Artehof Casa de Mais, Mühltal Valley


Art Salon 2001, Haus der Kunst, Munich
Kunstverein Passau
"Skala", Government of Upper Bavaria, Munich
"Seamless", German National Museum, Nuremberg
"Body shells and textile sculptures", Gasteig Munich
"Dream.Gowns", Int. Museum of Buttons, Warthausen


"Arsenal of Everyday Life", Toskanische Säulenhalle, Augsburg
"Head & Foot", Gallery of Applied Arts, Munich
Art Salon 2002, Haus der Kunst, Munich


Art Salon 2003, Haus der Kunst, Munich
"Trees – Forests - Network - Nature", Villa Augusta, Roth
"SKALA II", Government of Upper Bavaria, Munich
"Culture Path", Old Prison, Freising
"Shells, Skins & Hybrids", Lokschuppen Rosenheim


"Nature All Art", Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg
"BodyContact", Applied Arts of the GEDOK Munich, Rosenheim
"Continuum", Artehof Casa de Mais, Mühltal Valley
"Culture at the Ring", Munich


ART / S / HOPPING, Maximilianshöfe Munich
Art Salon 2005, Haus der Kunst, Munich
Art weekend, Zehentstadel, Moosburg
"Gardens", Galerie Markt Bruckmühl, Bruckmühl
"Formart", Gallery of the GEDOK, Stuttgart
Kunsthalle Arnstein
Culture Trail, Old Prison, Freising
"Summer Resort", Kunstverein Murnau
Small gallery, Erding


"Leaves and Thorn Pillows", Rosenmuseum Steinfurth
"Couture / Nature", Gallery Art Thiess, Munich


"Accessories", Handwerksform Hanover
"Annual Exhibition", Kunstverein Bad Wörishofen
"Kunstsalon 07", House of Art, Munich
"Inspiration Nature", Galerie Murnau


"Shells, Skins & Hybrids", museum for everyday culture Peine
"Danner Prize 2008", H2 Center for Contemporary Art,  Augsburg


"With Paper II", GEDOK Gallery Munich
"Art meets Fashion", Nurjungekunst, Prater Island, Munich
"Lokaltermin", Cultural Days Freising


"Tranquilitas animi", art in the E-Werk on the Tegernsee


"Fabric, mesh, structures", Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg
"Of course", Gallery Seidlstrasse 4, Murnau


"Metamorphoses", Gallery Art Thiess, Munich
"Kunstkaufhaus", Galerie Murnau
"Hortus conclusus II", Kunstverein Ebersberg
"Human 10", Art Week Lenggries


"Close-Far", historic ticket hall Starnberg
"Open Source", Reitstadel Neumarkt / Upper Palatinate


"Art in the Square", Gedok Gallery Munich
"Schein und Sein", European Museum of Modern Glass, Rödental near Coburg


"Jour fix 148", 84 GHZ, Munich
"Art Salon", Egyptian Museum, Munich


Mühlbachgärtnerei, Moosburg
"From Daphne's wardrobe", Air Museum Amberg


"forms of nature" Museum Villa Rot
"4 artists I 2 Places I 1 exibition", Towngallery Tettnang


"Blackandwhite", Gallery 13, Freising


"behind the mirrors", Towngallery Amberg


"Powerfull women", Stadthausgalerie Sonthofen


"ART Gräfelfing" Alte Doemens-Brauakademie, Gräfelfing

"simply nature", Gallery 13, Freising

From 15th. june till 1.july I will show some works together with Alexandra Hofmann at Freising.

"Dornenstuhl "Reise nach Jerusalem"", Rosendornen
"Dornenstuhl "Reise nach Jerusalem"", Rosendornen


Born 1951 in Ummendorf,
1980-1982 studied at the College of Floral Arts Weihenstephan.
1982-1986 working stay in Bolzano / Italy
1987-2015 teaching at the College of Flower Art in Freising-Weihenstephan.

since 1999 member of the GEDOK (Community of Artists and Art Sponsors)
since 2003 member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists